Magnum Contact Sheets

An exhibition called Magnum Contact Sheets is currently running at The International Center of Photography in New York City.

In a series that stretches from the 1930s to the present, the exhibit functions as a behind the scenes look at how Magnum Photographers arrived at their often iconic images.

Via ICP:

The images featured—both celebrated, iconic photographs and lesser-known surprises—encompass more than 70 years of history: from the Normandy landings by Robert Capa, the 1968 Paris riots by Bruno Barbey, and the war in Chechnya by Thomas Dworzak, to René Burri’s filmic sequence of close-ups of Che Guevara, classic New Yorkers by Bruce Gilden, and Eve Arnold’s famous portrait of the charismatic and image-savvy Malcolm X.

“The contact sheet embodies much of the appeal of photography itself: the sense of time unfolding, a durable trace of movement through space, an apparent authentication of photography’s claims to transparent representation of reality,” said ICP Associate Curator Kristen Lubben, who organized the exhibition. “It records each step on the route to arriving at a particular image, and thus provides a unique window into the creative process.”…

…The exhibition functions—in the words of Magnum photographer Martin Parr—as an “epitaph to the contact sheet,” marking the end of the analog film era and the rise of digital photography.

Image: The contact sheet for René Burri’s 1963 photoshoot with Che Guevara, via ICP.

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We live in a fucked up world. 

In January, Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich faced a US military court martial in connection with the bloody massacre of 24 Iraqi men, women and children in the town of Haditha.

Wuterich, 31, admitted in open court to one count of negligent dereliction of duty. Manslaughter charges were dropped as part of a plea deal from the prosecution.

Wuterich admitted to leading an eight-man squad of US Marines—whose other members have all been let off—in 2005 when they killed 24 civilians in Iraq. In a military court, Wuterich was sentenced to a mere 90 days of confinement, but under the terms of the plea bargain, he will serve no time in jail for his misdeeds. He was also demoted in rank to Private. 

Because the wheels of justice failed to exact a proper outcome in this tragic case, on 3 February 2012, Anonymous sought street justice by destroying the website of Neal Puckett and Haytham Faraj, the attorneys who defended Wuterich in during his tribunal. Anonymous went further by publishing three gigabytes of private email messages obtained directly from both attorneys’ personal email accounts. 


Deface: Zone-h Mirror

così bello… e noi la stiamo buttando a puttane…e non ci lamentiamo se ogni tanto da uno scrollone è lei che dice “e mo basta che altro mi volete fare!”


NASA has just released these truly delicious 64-megapixel photos of our lovely planet.

The images weigh in at a lofty 8000×8000 pixels. We can almost make out the Photojojo office!

NASA’s64 Megapixel Photos of Earth 

[See it full size]

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